Saturday, July 14, 2012

Carefree Growth.
Ganesan grew up in a carefree environment.The village activities demanded buzy schedules for oneself,for the animals at home,for the agricultural works.For exampleone has to get up at 0430hrs in the morning clean up himself,take the bulls to the field,plough the field till the fields assistants come and take over,return home ,milk the cows,get ready to school,start running 5km and reach school by 0900hrs.Even though number of people and brother sisters are at home no one dictates what is to be done and it is clear understanding of the daily routine.The physical activities of the village by force keep the youngsters healthy and energetic as the life there was survival of the fittest.Injury,danger to life  due to animals,flood,fire,etc were co-existing and growing up under that environment makes one absolute carefree.Ganesan flew off from the village with that spirit.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Around the year 1945-6 there was an elementry school very close to his house.There was classes up to 5th std.Ganesan started schooling in perhaps june 1947.when he was in third std he was promoted to 4th std after half yearly exam and moved to 5th std after annual exam.This double promotion made him comparitively younger to all his classmates subsquently.From 6th std to 11th std he studied at Board High School,Nannilam.This was the pattern of education in those days.Schooling upto 11th std and then 2 years intermediate and then 3years graduation.In the year 1957 intermediate was abolished and pre univesity scheme was introduced.River called Mudikondan a branch of cauvery takes off at Sakkottai near Kumbakonam and runs East towards Nagappattinam Sannanallur is on the northen bank of this river.It is a seasonal river.Water come in june-july when released from Grand Annaicut,and dries off in jan-feb when Mettur dam is closed.Ganesan used to walk along the river bank of 5km one way.Playing in water in winter and on the sand in summer with the school going boys is common.The road had fruit bearing trees on either side.Black jamune,Mango.Tamerind,coconut,Palmirah are the few.Ganesan could climb all such trees.A group of boys who could not climb trees usually join him to get the fruits.Game like cricket was unheard by him till he was 15-16 years old.However he was good in all village games kabadi,Gilly-danda,Marbles and such.He passed SSLC Exam in March 1958 and there starts another chapter of his life.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The child is the father of the man.
Life is to be lived and not  spent There are millions spending their lives in villages but do not know any of the village crafts.As mentioned in my earlier blog village is full of life inviting you to learn the the art of living.water flowing in rivers,canals, and tanks and lakes over flowing but you do not know swimming.Animals all around but you do not know how to feed them,milk them,make curd,butter and buttermilk etc.Trees all around and you do not know how to climb.All water bodies are full of varieties of fish and you do not know  how to catch a single fish.In agriculture field the rats play havoc and you are helpless.Ganesan was master of the village crafts and skillful.The school was 5km away and for 6years he had walked up and down.Hundreds of activities of agriculture from preparing the fields to harvest were known to him. In all he grew up as son of the soil..No wonder,the noble earth of Sannanallur was sprinkled around at South Pole in the later part of his life.

Monday, April 30, 2012


The village life was a God's gift provided you understand the value of the gift.We had everything what nature could provide.I grew up in the company of brothers&sisters.We also had chicken,goats cows&buffalos.We had dry &wet lands Few servants were taking care of all requirements which we could not.The irrigation was by seasonal river flow and canal system.we produced paddy,all types of vegetables,few cereals.coconut,banana,bamboo farms were also there.we were non vegetarians.There was no derth of food items.But one has to  choose and try.The prosperity of village was explained by yester years poets like this."The milking cows&buffalos were taken to the tanks for a wash and swim and while they were in the water the fish in the pond hits the animals here and there.Thinking and feeling that calf was trying to drink milk the animals started responding and milk started oozing out.As the animals get out of water and walk back home the street get flooded of milk."Such was the prosperity of my village.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is Pavadai ganesan.Readers may wonder about the name.Not only the name but also the person would be interesting if you could walk some seventy years back with him .If India is the spritual country of the world,then Tamilnadu would be the Head quarters.Agriculture was the backbone of indian economy as India  lived in villages.
I was gifted to be born in an agricultural family of a  avillage in Tiruvarur district named SANNANALLUR.This is the junction point of the north south road Mayiladuthurai-Tiruvarur and east west road Nagapattinam-Kumbakonam.Pavadairayan used to be village diety and my father was named after the Lord.I was born on 01December 1942.