Monday, April 30, 2012


The village life was a God's gift provided you understand the value of the gift.We had everything what nature could provide.I grew up in the company of brothers&sisters.We also had chicken,goats cows&buffalos.We had dry &wet lands Few servants were taking care of all requirements which we could not.The irrigation was by seasonal river flow and canal system.we produced paddy,all types of vegetables,few cereals.coconut,banana,bamboo farms were also there.we were non vegetarians.There was no derth of food items.But one has to  choose and try.The prosperity of village was explained by yester years poets like this."The milking cows&buffalos were taken to the tanks for a wash and swim and while they were in the water the fish in the pond hits the animals here and there.Thinking and feeling that calf was trying to drink milk the animals started responding and milk started oozing out.As the animals get out of water and walk back home the street get flooded of milk."Such was the prosperity of my village.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is Pavadai ganesan.Readers may wonder about the name.Not only the name but also the person would be interesting if you could walk some seventy years back with him .If India is the spritual country of the world,then Tamilnadu would be the Head quarters.Agriculture was the backbone of indian economy as India  lived in villages.
I was gifted to be born in an agricultural family of a  avillage in Tiruvarur district named SANNANALLUR.This is the junction point of the north south road Mayiladuthurai-Tiruvarur and east west road Nagapattinam-Kumbakonam.Pavadairayan used to be village diety and my father was named after the Lord.I was born on 01December 1942.