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The Regimentation

The Regimentation.
 So we have seen how the officers are of different types and how each category was looking service.If pariotism was the main source of inspiration to join the Army then there may not be much difference.But it was not so in service.Each one was trying to play his game in such a way that he is always in the good book of the commanding officer.Ganesan was straight ,blunt and physically very strong generally much better in overall performance.But that seems to be not sufficient enough to impress the commanding officer.The CO
had his own way of assessing the performance of officers.
Ganesan returned to unit after marriage and the unit had temporarily moved to Jaisalmer,Rajasthan.On one evening when the officers were playing games,the staff officer to CO called Ganesan,gave the office locker key and requested him to trace his confidential report and sign it and return the key.Ganesan went and opened the locker and found that  in a file all officers confidential reports were kept.In the process of finding his report he could n't avoid seeing other officers reports.To his  surprise few of the officers who were much below standard than him were graded much above him.Ganesan could not understand in what way he was inferior to them.However he could not complain as it was confidential and he was graded above average.But Ganesan was dis appointed  and felt that patriotism has different meaning in the Army.
  4ER moved from Bangalore to LEH in oct 1974 and Ganesan was posted to MEG&Centre,Bangalore.But the CO ordered Ganesan to go by Air to Leh and wait for the Regiment to join.When the Regiment reached Leh Ganesan was ordered to move to kargil and report to 121 Independent Brigade  as their Field company commander and relieve 411 Para Field company.Though Ganesan did all these without any hesitation he held the feeling that he had been rated below few officers and he was under orders of posting to MEG.
   Since the Regiment moved to high altitude in Oct-Nov with out much acclamatisation quite a number of officers and men were falling sick.The officer who was incharge of snow clearence at Changla to keep Leh-Dharbog road open fell sick and Ganesan was asked to take over that task.Ganesan went there and happily
doing the work.But there was heavy snow fall one day and Ganesan's assistant officer fell sick.Ganesan took him to Leh and got him admitted in the military hospital.
   It was about 4 months after his postin out and still he was not relieved.He had an argument with CO and left Leh in Feb1975.

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The cosmic Force

The Cosmic Force.
  Right from child hood Ganesan did not have great faith in rituals.There was a dilapidated siva temple arround which children and villagers go for natural easing thenselve.One archahar(pujari) used to come from  some other village on tuesdays and fridays to do puja.Ganesan and his friends used to climb on top of this temple and play hide and seek.At the outskirt of his village there is one village diety Periya Pidari where Ganesan and his mother used to go on tuesdays and fridays to light lamps.There was no puja room in his house.A small rack on the wall where a lamp used to be kept for worship.Other than that there was no worships.But every day morning after bath in the village tank or near by river there used to be regular sun worship.Being aggriculturists natural forces like fire water wind sun etc are worshiped.Ganesan had great impact on concience and he felt that mind is the temple and concience is the God.
    so by instinct the Cosmic Force was with Ganesan and helped him in all his activities.That may be the reason that Ganesan requested his friend to see the doctor girl and give his opinion who was rejected later.Now this friend one day went for shopping and there he saw a girl doing window shopping and thought to himself how good it would be if such girl becomes Ganesan's wife.When he was stepping out of the shop he met one lady whom he knows during the process of alliance seeking for Ganesan.Both recogonised each other and exchanged greetings.That lady enquired whether his friend Ganesan 's marriage fixed or not.Friend replied in negative and in return he asked their daughters marriage proposals.The lady replied in negative and pointed to the girl who was doing window shopping as their daughter.Friend was surprised as to why Ganesan's brother did not proceed in this alliance.He immedietely rang up Ganesan to come to Chennai and there was a meeting in the evening. They discused about the pros and cons of this alliance and his friend strongly felt that the girl he saw in the morning would be better choice for Ganesan.
    Since Ganesan did not have any choice of his own everybody felt that this alliance would be better.Incidently Ganesan and his brother's family saw this girl about six months before and took casual approach and did not proceed further.
The Cosmic Force identified as to who would be Ganesan' life partner and marriage conducted.
Ganesan got married on 06 th Feb 1974,on a Thai poosam,wednes day.
More to follow.....  

The Regiment

The Great 4 Engineer Regiment.
  Readers may re collect that Ganesan was one of the officer who was present at the time of Re organising the Divisional Engineers into Engineer Regiments and because of which 23 Inf Div Engrs became 4Engineer Regiment.During 1966-67 even though Regimentation has come into being the Fd and FdPark companies were reluctant to shed their independency and at times behaving as if they are not  under the Regiment.Now about 5 years have passed and lot of new officers are posted in and old officers posted out the unity of Regiment has come and officers were feeling proud that they belong to 4 ER.It was a real command as about 28 officers were under the commanding officer and he can move them where ever he wants with in the Regiments.Ganesan was inter posted under an officer who was 3 months senior to him as his 2nd in command.How ever officers junior to him were commanding sub units.Ganesan who had joined the Army for shear Patriotism did not bother about these as his full concentration was on his works and learning.
   Let us go about Ganesan's personal life a bit.
  The 1971 war has created a transformation in Ganesan's mind and attachment to his kith and kin took a beating.He started thinking that every man is resposible to the consquences of his act and he can not blame others.He also felt that while a man is at his liberty to seek advice from so many but the decision must be his own for his act.With this frame of mind Ganesan approached his marriage field.He rejected number of girls and he also had been rejected by many girls.Finally an B.Sc,M.B.B.S. qualified and employed govt doctor was choosen by all to be his bride.As Ganesan also had seen  the girl the closing in was going.At that time Ganesan requested one of his best friend and his wife to give their wiews about the doctor girl.This friend was in PWD with Ganesan ,joined the Army and now returned to PWD.This couple had lot of love and affection for Ganesan and hence took it seriously to see Ganesan's marriage.They went and saw the girl and immedietely called for a discussion with Ganesan and his brother.After analysing the pros and cons of this alliance it was rejected as unsuitable.
   Now the cosmic force has come into play.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The B.Tech.
     CME runs 3 year Engineering degree courses for the Corps of Engineers,Signals and EME Corps.Since all officers are either Arts or Science graduates this 3 years course was sufficient for them to qualify for B.Tech.The final examination is conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Uuniversity,New Delhi and degree awarded.
Ganesan and other course mates returned to CME less one.Capt SP.Dingra,a brilliat officer from NDA  who was posted to Samba sector in the western front on suspension of CME courses was killed in the war.Capt Ajmeer singh who had lost one eye and few fingers in the 1965 war was posted to Bengal sappers centre as he was not fit for war but was sent to flood relief works in Orissa.There Ajmeer did excellent works and was awarded Vashist Seva Medal.So the course resumed with valour.Those who  did not go for war and present in CME gave grand reception.
   Rest of the CME tennure was as usual.Ganesan was playing all games and also standing first amongst those selected civil engineering.His course won the inter-officers course championship five times out of six they took part.In all the course at CME was good.On 28 July 1973 Ganesan was awarded the Degree by Lt.Gen.P.S.Bhagath,the GOC IN C Northern command.On completion of the degree course Ganesan was again posted to 4ER.The Regiment who moved to Jodhpur from the eastern sector had completed their tennure and moved to Bangalore.
  After reporting at Bangalore Ganesan was given annual leave for 1972 and he left Bangalore.

The Destiny

The Destiny.
   Capt Ganesan left Bangladesh and reached Dharmanagar, a terminal Raiway stn from where the militaty special was to leave.Mostly all heavy Engineering equipments and about 250 personnel were the total load of the first military special which capt Ganesan was to take.The train started on 25th jan1972 and was moving towards Assam.Mostly it was non stop train but for some railway reasons like crossing of trains and military reasons like ration collections.26 Jan1972 Republic day radio commentry was coming and Ganesan was seated on a open wagon where a low loading trailer was loaded.He had put a small table and chair and comfortably seated and listening to the commentry and at the same time observing the natural scene on either side of the railway track.
   Republic Day function started as usual with gallentry award of the top most honour.L/Nk Albert Ekka of the Guards Bn was awarded Param Veer Chakkra posthmously.this was one of the Battalion who entered East pakisthan from Tripura side.Their first battle was ballte of Akhoura in which Ekka had earned this Award.Ganesan kept on listening to the commentry and at the same time thought about the events that had taken place in the past few days.He was at CME happily going arround and playing games.No one would have thought that he will go to war.Even in the war zone how stupid of him to enter enemy territory alone and further go in civil dress to get informations.Had he been cought by Pak forces he would have been torchered badly with all vengens for them loosing their country.Ganesan thanked the cosmic force which brought him alive.
   The military special reacher Rangapara North on 27th Jan followed by other parts of 4ER.Immedietly they were ordered to move to Western sector destination Jodhpur in the 2nd week of Feb72.At the same time the CME opened all the suspended courses and Ganesan was ordered to report CME by 12th Feb72.It appeare that he will be missing the operation in the western sector.But he thanked the cosmic force for keeping him alive and reported to CME.

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The Great Surrender

The great Surrender.
As the pressure on the Pakisthani forces was mounting from all direction, the over all commander Lt.Gen.AAKNiazimore time to consider the surrender.Finally it was fixed at 1600 hrs on 16 Dec 1971.Commanders of 4 core, 33 core, commanders of Navy and Airforc were all invited to attend the ceremony which was to be held at Dacca Race course.Ganesan was at Narasigdi and there was heavy rush to see the surrender.Military police imposed strict restriction for entry to Dacca.
   Lt Gen J S. Arora, the Eastern Army commander flew in to sign the surrender document.In all 93000 Pakisthanis were taken as prisioners and they were immedietely moved to prisoner of war camp set up at different part in India.
   Even though the war in east was over there was tough fights in the west and heavy casualities also.In order to relieve those troops Army units from East was ordered to move to west.4ER was one amongst them.Ganesan was detailed as commander of first militery special train to leave the war zone.So the troops moved to Dharmanagar, a Railway terminal after celebrating the new year 1972 in the New Nation Bangladesh.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The war zone-2

The war zone-2
4ER less one field company moved to Brahmanbaria.The commanding officer, Ganesan and one more officer moved as advance party and they were given accomodation at "sabhera shobban  Residential girls highschool " as officers mess.Because of war condition the school had been lying vacant for quit some time and locked by local authorities.Dacca being a free port almost all goods are from England or Germany.That beeing residential girls school,there were number of sewing machines,blankets etc.The principal room was having TV,Fridge and other costly cquipments.Ganesan was asked to note all these as we have to hand over when we move out.Since war was on all officers were going out early morning and returned late evening.The CO occupied principal's room and other officers suitably accomodated.The pakistani forces also had used this building as their ammnution dumps.As Indian forces were forcing ahead the pak forces did not offer great fight and the were withdrawing to safer places.They had with drawn from here to Bairab bazar across river Megna and blown off the railway bridge.They also blew off all ammunitions.
  The indian forces used heliborn troops and landed near Narasigdi closer to Dacca.Inorder to support them
there was urgent requirement of Artillery guns.So engineers made heavy rafts and loaded 130mm medium guns which can fire upto 27km.Civilian launches were retrived from abandont places and with the help of launch operators these gun loaded rafts were pushed along River Megna and unloaded near Narasingdi.The first shell fired from these guns landed at Dacca Air port giving a warning to Lt.Gen A.A.K.Niazi,the over all commander of Pakisthani forces in East pakisthan that Indians are closing in,forcing him to surrender.
    After the first load of guns to Narasingdi, Troops also started moving through the river craft and each losd was taken by an engineer officer.So Ganesan also was ordered to move like that.The indian Army Chief gave a warning threat to Pakisthani forces to surrender or face mass casualities.By and lare the war was coming to a close.

The war zone

The war zone.
 Every one knows that east pakisthan is riverien terrian cris crossed by distributeries and contributeries of great rivers like Ganga and Brahmaputra.To conduct a military operation in that area is a challenge.The roads are limited and cross country movement will be very difficult.The Pakisthani forces were holding all important towns and main roads.The Mukthi Behni forces (freedom fighters of East pakisthan) had blown off some of the rail bridges and few important road bridges.under these conditions the Indian forces were fighting.Perhaps the Indian plan was to contain Pak forces and move forward towards Dacca.In this plan Mynamati is a big contonement of Comilla complex and on the main road Comilla-Daudkhandy-Dacca.
   61 Inf Bde was ordered to contain comilla and cut off road leading to Dacca.For this Ganesan was told to find out suitable roads through which guns can move.So Ganesan was ready to go deep inside.He requested the civilian to take him to a Mukthi Behni camp.One cycle riksha was brought and Ganesan was travelling through the tracks on which guns can move.
   He was taken to a mukthi behni camp and Ganesan met their leader and explained his plan .The Mukthi Behni leader gave two escorts with guns and told them in Bengali, where all they should take Ganesan.Time may be 1630hrs and ganesan was taken futher inside along the banks of river Gomthi.Incidently Gomthi was to be crossed to cutoff the main road and Ganesan was taking a mental picture of everything as they moved.The escorts were narrating the killings they had with Pak forces.They retuned to their camp and Ganesan thanked the leader and came back to Burichang where he left his uniforms.The civilian was waiting for ganesan and thanked Indian Army through Ganesan for helping them to get freedom.He gave a hot cup of tea and Ganesan changed to uniform and was walking back home .It was pitch dark and gun shots were heard here and there.What a strange experience.By the time he returned to his unit it was about 2200hrs.New orders were received that 4ER will leave a sub unit with 61Bde and rest of 4ERwill move to Brahmanbaria another impotant town in Bangladesh. (East pakisthan was liberated as war broke out and India recognised Banglasdesh on 06 Dec)
   It was 10 Dec and Indian forces were all arround Bangladeh closing in to Dacca.
So let us meet at Dacca .........

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Into the enemy Territory

Moving into Enemy Territory.
When two forces are fighting there are different methods to get information about each other.secretly going into enemy territory is one such method.You may go alone, may go in diguise,may take one or two for support etc.Each one has its own advantages and dis advantsges.When Ganesan was ordered to go and find out about roads Commanding officer did not mention anything.Two officers were told to go in different direction.So capt Ganesan and another junior officer set out with their personal waepons.It was 9th Dec1971afternoon.Ganesan took his weapon 9mm sten gun with 28 rounds loaded and 28 rounds as spare.since war already in progress,his Regiment personnel were  already inside intrnational border doing different tasks.Ganesan and other officer went and met another senior officer and told him about CO's order.That officer warned that the Pakisthnis are still at short distance away only and it is not adviceble to go further inside.If you are caught they will butcher you and will not treat like prisoner of war.The other officer was hesitant and did not proceed further.Ganesan was comparitively senior and felt that not going inside is like showing cowardice.So he decided to go inside.As he was walking along the foot path his regiment personnel were on widening  the Track.After some distance there was no one and ganesan kept on going.After about 1-2 km there was bunkers on either side and smoke was coming here and there indicating that it has just been vacated after making tea or something.It was village Burichang of East pakisthan.The village has been totally vacated except one or two caretakers.
    There one civilian came to Ganesan after recognising his OG uniform and asked him "are you from Indian Army"Ganesan replied in confirmation.The stranger said that the pak troops are still there and are in process of with drawing to Mynamathi cantt.They will shoot you if they see you in this dress.come with me and change your dress.Ganesan went with him in good faith.He gave a lungi and white shirt.Ganesan changed and kept his identy card into his boot.He took his gun and spare bullets and was ready to move further.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tension Mounts

Tension Mounts.
Readers may recollect that refugees from East pak were entering India from all over the border and it became a problem to manage.Freedom fighters from inside east pak had organised as Mukti Behni and were creating Great nuisance by blowing bridges and railway tracks.Shaik Mujubur Rahman had been arrested and taken to unknown destination.Under these circumstances Gen Yahya khan,the martial law administrator of Pakisthan launched un provoked attack on India on 01 Dec 1971.
The Indian forces retaliated  in alldirection both in east and west Pakisthan.If one could keep east pak map in front Indian forces were in Calcutta side to take on Khulna,Jessore,Rajshahi.They were in Siliguri side to take on Dinajpur Hilli,Rangpur and they were in Tripura side to take on Akhaura,Comilla and Bairab bazar area.So indian forces were in all round East pakisthan and when war was declared there was lightening speed in eastern theatre.Each Infantry Brigade was provided more than one Engineer Regiment to fecilitate crossing of water obstacles.Ganesan's 4ER was supporting 61 Infantry Brigade for attack on Comilla-Mynamati cantt area.On 6th Dec when the war was on full swing ganesan was ordered to go inside into Est Pak and find out the road condition whether 25 pounder Guns can be towed by jeeps in the existing tracks.
The Govt of India recognised Bangladesh as an independent Nation followed by many other countries.
     Ganesan was getting ready to go into enemy territory....

Back Home

Back Home.
   With that background Ganesan reached Gauhati Railway stn.He went to the retiring room took bath,had breakfast and then went to Military movement control office  to find out the where abouts of 4ER.They said that the entire 4Core Troops have moved towards.East Pakisthan border but the exact location is not known.Ganesan thought that the closest place to East Pak this side would be near Agarthala and hence it would be better to reach Agarthala.So went to Air port and found out that a focker friendship small air craft was ready to take-off to Agarthala and got into that and landed at Agarthala at about 4.00 pm.2-3 Army officers also flew in that air craft and landed along with Ganesan.He approached one of them and asked whether he knows anything about 4ER.Luckily he belonged to the same group in which 4ER was a part.He arranged for Ganesan to stay for the night with him and in the morning he gave a vehicle to drop Ganesan at 4ER location.
   As ganesan was going in the jeep at one place there was little traffic jam and in the opposite direction another jeep was coming.Ganesan knows the tactical no.of 4ER  and that jeep belongs to 4ER only .A civilian gantleman was seated in the front seat.As military officers were moving in civil dress to hide the identy
Ganesan thought it could be the commanding officer by age and look and so he went and saluted him and said Capt Ganesan reporting for duty sir.The officer smiled and asked to whom he is reporting?Ganesan said by the tac no.of the vehicle and by look of the officer he presumed that he could be the commanding officer.The officer shook hand with Ganesan and welcomed ganesan to 4ER.
   Since 4 ER is not to Ganesan a number of known faces smiled here and there as Ganesan entered the complex.

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Re collection

Re collection.
     At this point of time readers should know some of the developments.
   4 Engineer Regiment whom Ganesan left at Rangya in 1968 have moved out from there to Chandigar under an Engineer Brigade and became experts in the recently introduced Krupman Bridging Equipments.After their tennure there,they again ordered to move toRangapara,Assam under 4 Core in mid 1971.But because of the uncertainity of their location Ganesan was given warrant to Gauhati only.
      In the family front,we know that Ganesan's younger brother got married in Dec 1970 and after Ganesan moved to CME his brothers made some sincer attempts to get him married.Ganesan went to Madras once or twice to see suitable girls.Generally in south especially in Madras people have very low opinion about Army officers and in their opnion only unsuitable and rejected lots for good civil appointments will go to Army.Even in matrimonial market only rejected and over aged girls will be willing to marry Army officers as a last option.Because of this Ganesan decided that he will not take any hasty step and wait for a suitable fam
ily  who respect Army.He also felt that suitable exposure is not there even to his brothers  because of which they were not able to find suitable bride for Ganesan.After his mothers death Ganesan felt that the closeness of relationship amongst his brothers sisters also braking up.
     Because of such disturbed mental state Ganesan did not know to whom he should keep informed about the developments in his life.so he did not inform any body about suspension of Degree courses and his move out of CME.Ganesan felt that his life is like a chordless kite ,free to fly any where as the wind takes.At the same time he understood that he is a resposible officer and cannot bring any insult to uniform.
    such thought process was going on in Ganesan's mind as the train Deccan Queen speeding towards Bombay.He knows tha he has to go Eastern sector upto Gauhati and then locate his Regiment.He and another Army officer went and saw PATTON an english movi at Bombay.George s.Patton of the US Army was one of the finest officer of 2nd World war,about whom Ganesan have read a lot.So he enjoyed the movi and with that mental satisfaction he Boarded Assam mail at Bombay central.

The Tension Mounts

The Tension Mounts.
   In Nov 1971 Ganesan was writing semister examinition and a circular came that all officers were to assemble at assembly hall after the examinition.The moment that news was announced everyone knows what would be the message and hence did not continue in the examination hall and left.But Ganesan did not leave the hall,patiently wrote the complete exam and went to the Assembly hall.All degree course officers of Engineers,Signals and EME amounting to about 700 were there.The Commandant came and addressed like this,"Gentlemen! you are all aware of the National situation.In order to keep ourself fit to face any challenges Army HQ has taken the decision to suspend all Degree courses and post officers to Field units.Should there be a war You will be the luckiest lot to give a fitting reply to the enemy.The administrative officer will announce the postings and other administrative arrangements.Wishing you all success to protect the Safety,Honour and integrity of this great Country"
   There was lot of noise and discussions.The posting order was announced and Ganesan was posted to 4 Engineer Regiment.All married officers were given the options either to retain or vacate the quarters and dispose their families.Bachelor officers were given their options to keep their heavy luggages under the centralised arrangements and move with light luggage.Married officers were given 10 days leave to settle and then move according to their postings.Single officers were to move immedietly as CME will ensure train reservations in all the trains and in all directions.
  Ganesan went to the officers mess for lunch and saw the Bar was open to all and officers were gulping the drink of their choice.There was absolute gloom on married officers face as they were to take a hard decision.
Ganesan came to his room after lunch and quietly started packing things.He decided to leave his 3.5 Bullet Motor cycle with a civilian Family and rest of the heavy boxes under CME's care.In both the places he left a cover to be opened in case  he did not return.In that letter he wrote that his brotherP.Ramamurthy should take decision as he deemed fit and disburse Ganesan's belongings and Bank balances.
   Ganesan boarded Deccan queen train towards Bombay with just a suit case and the train moved.......

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Un expected turn of events

Un Expected Turn of Events.
The life at CME was going on smoothly.The college was conducting winter and summer sports in both group and individual events.Ganesan as an individual and as a team member of his class was taking part in almost all games.Readers may re-collect that Ganesan was awarded best sports man award at the time of his officer training and was awarded "Athletics Blue."Here at CME he was awarded Best Swimmer award and was awarded "Swimming Blue."
   In early 1971 Pakisthan conducted general election in that country and Awani league party of Sheik mujubur rahman of East pakisthan won with a thumping majority.Pakisthan was geting more income from East pakisthan but development works in East was not much.Because of this displeasure East people formed seperate political party called Awami League and fought the election.Population of East wing being more they had won the election.But the martial law administrator of Pakisthan General Yahya khan was not keen to hand over power to Mujibur Rahman.Istead of that the General started  mass arrest in East.So Mujib declared Sonar Bangla on 26 March 1971 and started mass dis obedience movement.The Law and order totally failed in East pakisthan and mass movements of refugees started across the border to India.
    The general situation along India Pakisthan relationship strained and tension started mounting along the border.The East Pakisthan is a reverian terrain and if war has to be fought there plenty of river crossing was required.Corps of Engineers were the specialised troops in that warfare.
     So one fine morning in Nov 1971 the news came that all courses of CME were sospended.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life at CME

Life at CME.
    Ganesan was enjoying life at CME.Army provides excellent oppurtunities to all ranks provided they are physically,mentally and psychologically fit for Army life.You must be very healthy,have high patriotic sense willing to sacrifice your life at any time as the country demands.Then there cannot be regret for joining the Army.If you have personal comitments like dependent parents demanding brother-sisters etc then the Army life would be like riding two horses.Since Ganesan did not have any such thing he was really enjoying life at CME.Morning 0630,physical training for half an hour,followed by breakfast in officers mess(about 600-700 bachelors officers were dining),then0815 to 1330hrs class,then lunch and then Games on your own in the evening.Many officers do not play or not interested in games and they go outing like picture,visiting friends etc.Ganesan was very much interested in games.He will play almost all games and reasonably well.So for him about 1530hrs to 1800 hrs is sports time.Rarely he will see movi and used to spend all the spare time in the library.He will go through all magazines of entire Army(about 20Arms and services and all infantry units sends their magazines)The library is equipped with world best books and magazines of world level all countries Army publications.So it was like treasure for him and spend whole day there like sundays and holidays.
   On days when there is no games he will go on a 20 km run on his own and in case of rainy days he will play indoor games like sqash,Badminton etc.
So it was like heaven for Ganesan and was also good in academics.

College of Military Engineering

The prime institution of Corps of Engineers of the Army .
 The college of military engineering  in short CME is the prime institution of the corps of Engineers of the Army.It has four wings spread over 20 thousand acres near Pune called Dapodi on the Pune-Bombay highway.It has Civil,Eleect-Mechanical,Diploma and the prestegious Combat Engineering wings.Administrative wing is seperate.Corps of Engineers all ranks keep coming here for short and long courses.Officers of Corps Engineers,Corps of Signals and Corps on Elect-Mech Engineers those who are not Engineering Graduates come here for three years B.Tech course.The Signals and EME after one and half years training go to their parent training centre for another 1.5 years training.At a time about 2-3000 all ranks will be there.
It is a great institution having wonderful sports facilities,country's best library equipped with world best academic and military books.
Ganesan was very happy to meet many of his friends after a gap of 6-7 years here.The rest of the year 1970 passed of peacefully with his younger brother getting married in 03 Dec.Ganesan who is basically a sports person and already a diploma holder was very very happily spending his days and was standing first amongst Civil Engineering students.
   The year 1971 dawned.


The Farewell.
   On 26 Feb all went to the yesterday cremation ground to do the last ritual.The body had been burnt completely.However little bones here and there were collected and the last ritual was conducted.At that time Ganesan took one small piece of bone of his mother and some ashes and kept it in a cloth as he wanted to immerse it in River Ganga.Incidently readers may recollet that when he got his captain's pay with arrears in 1966 Dec,he had taken his parents to Rameswaram,Madurai and then to Palani.At that time he had promised his mother that he will take them to Kasi also subsquently.But that did not take place.so he wanted to immerse her ash in the Ganga.After his mothers death there was no female member at home as both sisters were already married.His father,and two younger brothers were there.So Ganesan suggested that his younger brother who was provisionally earmarked to look after ancestral properties be married as early as possible with out waiting for him.With that Ganesan bid Farewell to his home and the village.
   While immersing his mother's ashes in Ganga he kept one piece to himself and returned to Shillong.As mentioned earlier  he was to report to CME,Pune,for 3 years B.Tech course in May 1970.He had purchased 3.5 Bullet Motorcycle in March through canteen.Things went on without any problem and finally he bid farewell to Shillong and reached Pune in May 1970.

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The painful revenge

The painful revenge.
The GE thought that he was establishing his authority by denying authorised annual leave to Ganesan.But Ganesan did not beg him further and left the rest to the cosmic Force.When the news spread number of people went to GE and shouted at him that there can not be a greater fool than him who denied leave when some one's mother was serious.So the GE came to Ganesan's office and rendered an apology for what ever happened and requested him to proceed on leave.Ganesan was not interested to go as it will take time to reach his native village .But the GE insisted that he will carry a life long curse if Ganesan did not go on leave.Friends and well wishers also requested Ganesan that he should not the idiot GE's face and should proceed on leave.So Ganesan sent another telegramme that he is comming on leave and went by car to Gauhati.From there he flew to Calcutta and further to chennai.It took more time from chennai to his village than the time it took from Gauhati to chennai.He reached home at about 4.00 a m on 26 Feb1970 and found an empty space in his house where his mother used to sleep.His brothers were looking at each other as how unfortunate Ganesan  as he could not even see his mothers face as they already cremated her.Ganesan was wondering why inspite of informing them that he is coming on leave,they did not wait?
    The cosmic Force gave the the answer.On 23 Feb Ganesan received telegramme that his mother was serious and he was denied leave.So he gave a telegramme that he is not coming on leave.Before this telegramme could reach his house his mother expired and his brother sent another telegramme that mother expired.Few hours after they had sent their second telegramme Ganesan's first telegramme that he is not coming reached them.So they without waiting for him proceeded further and cremater her.On their return from cremation ground Ganesan's second telegramme reached them.What a pity! Ganesan one amongst seven children will carry the regret for the rest of his life that he did not see his mother's face.Perhaps that is the reason that his mother went to Shillong to bid farewell to him.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The life long Regeret

The life long Regret.
  With the happy news that he has been selected for permanent commission and he will be going for 3 years B.Tech course at the college of military engineering, Ganesan was doing the routine works.In early Feb 1970 he had been getting letters from home that his mothers health is deteriorating and it would be better if he come on annual leave.Around the same time a Major serving in Shillong Chief engineer office was getting married at Dindigul,Tamilnadu.Ganesan thought that by getting annual leave he can see his mother and also if possible attend the Major's marriage.On 23feb 1970 Ganesan received a telegramme that his mother's condition is serious.With that telegramme and past few letters he went GE's office and met him.Ganesan explained the situation and the urgency of going  leave. The garrison engineer,a civilian officer took it very lightly and sercastically said that Ganesan was planning to attend the Major's wedding and it is a bluff that his mother was serious.Perhaps in the light of strained relationship of Ganesan beeing very strict he wanted show of his power by refusing leave.In the Army leave is a previlege and not a right.you cannot leave a place without proper written permision or produce medical certificate like civilians do.Ganesan knows that his mother may not live long.But he can do nothing at that moment.He simply sent a telegramme home that he is not able to come.
In the evening he went to the bar and had couple of drinks and kept thinking about the situation.The glass which he was holding was being pressed in anger and suddenly broke to pieces.A gllass piece got into his hand and started bleeding The barman came running and put a bandage.Ganesan got up,had dinner and went to his room.He wrote that day's diary about the unusual events of that day and ended that a chapter in his life is beeing closed.He slept well.May be around 3-4 oclock in the morning he heard a sound that the door beeing opened and he saw his mother coming towards him.It was a great surprise and Ganesan asked her how she could come all the way from the village.She smilingly said that she wanted to see him before going.Ganesan rised his hand and wanted to hold his mother's hand.Suddenly everything dis appeared and he was sitting on the bed from sleeping position.Oh!What an experience.Just a dream.Perhaps because of yesterdays events some dream might have come.
Ganesan got ready and went to his office which is about 15 km away from GE's office.At about 3PM he rang up GE office and asked for any letters for him.The head clerk said no letters but another telegramme had come.Ganesan requested him to open and see.After a few seconds the head clerk said,"I am sorry sir "

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The cosmic Force- Contd

The Cosmic Force ....contd
Readers may understand by following the events that are happening in Ganesan's life that there is some external force that is guiding him.He was very clear that he will act only as per his concience and happyly accept the out come.With that resolve he entered the Services Selection Board Allahabad on 10th october1969.If selected he will continue in the Army otherwise he will revert back to PWD of Tamilnadu.
There were about 25 officers from different corps.The tests were exactly the same as he appeared in1963.For Ganesan it was too simple as he was keeping himself fit.The tests were over in 3 days but the Assam situation continued to be the same.So he was attached to Garrison Engineer Allahabad.Making use of this lean period he once again went to Kasi ghat and had a holi dip in ganga.After a week or so he started hich hicking and with great dificulty reached Shillong.Some time in Nov 1969 the great news came that he has been selected for permanent commission and has to clear medical board.
     Medical board was simple as he was a sports person and after a week or so he was informed by Army HQ,that his personal number in future will be INDIAN COMMISSION 21773N.He was further informed that he has been detailed for a 3 year degree course at the College of Military Engineering,Pune.
  Ganesan who had a head on collision with contractors was forced to undergo  a life long regeret in early 1970.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Cosmic Force

The Cosmic Force.
Scientists and spritual Leaders are always in conflict about what is (who is )God.In 21st centuaty there will be a definite answer to this.Vedathri an ordinery person by his relentless thought process had put forward to this world that the Cosmic Force of the SPACE is the super power which reacts to your concience and the oldest generation of mankind had named this force as GOD.Dr.Alagar Ramanujam a Ph.D holder in Physics had great inter action with Vedathri and had de-coded the secrets in more clear terms.But those people who are benifited by keeping the secret alive may not accept Vedathri's theory.Only those practical persons(Rationalists) will have to do more home work.

second services selection board

Second Services Selection Board.
   When the National Emergency is to be lifted,the Govt wanted Army officers who were granted EC is to be regularised  either by granting Indian Commission(IC)or leaving the Army.It is unfair that officers who had served for about 5 years,commanded troops in war and peace were asked to prove their officer quality once again.It is a pity that some of them were even war (1965)decorated.
   Army took the decision and hence implimented.Ganesan was at Shillong  and Assam was cut off from rail and road link.He was to reach Allahabad.One of his well-wisher civilian officer was incharge of Air port maintainence at Borjar(Gauhati).He asked Ganesan to come immediately to airport as time was short.So Ganesan reached air port and was shocked to see the crowd worst than chennai central.However his friend took Ganesan straight to the pilot of the aircraft which was about to take off to Calcutta and explained the situation.The pilot fortunately an Ex Airforce officer told Ganesan to get the ticket.Ganesan got the ticket and along with the pilot got into the aircraft.The pilot seated Ganesan in the place where airhostesses were seated and went into the cockpit.The aircraft started and after some time pilot came out and was looking for any vacant seat.There was none.One lady was sitting along with her 5 year old son in another seat.The pilot requested the lady to have the boy in Ganesan's lap and Ganesan be seated.The lady gracefully accepted. The aircraft landed at Calcutta and the lady who was having great respect for Army dropped Ganesan at Howra Railway stn and wished him best of luck.
  GANESAN GOT INTO THE TRAIN AND THOUGHT ABOUT THE PAST FEW HOURS EVENTS.The cosmic Force which the illeterate call as GOD is great.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The fish goes into Deep water

The Fish goes into Deep Water.
In 1969 when Ganesan was having a tough time with the contractors,Emmergency of the country was lifted and all those who were granted Emmergency Commission were asked their choice,going back to parent department,leaving the Army or go for another SSB in case they wanted to continue in the Army.Infact their choice was asked about end of 1968 as Army HQ has to plan accordingly.Ganesan had thought for a while.Even though he wanted to continue in the Army,his mother was not keeping well and his elder brother wanted him back in PWD.since it will take time for implimenting any decision Ganesan gave option to continue.Accordingly in 1969 Ganesan was called to appear at SSB Meerut.But that information came very late and there was no reaction time.So he asked fresh date.Army HQ gave fresh date to appear at SSB Allahabad.One week before Ganesan was to leave for SSB there was heavy rain in Assam and many roads and rail bridges were washed away.Assam was totally cut off from rest of India.Ganesan did not know whether the nature is against him or in favour of him.How can he reach Allahabad

The fish estabilishes

The Fish  Breaks the Net.
Ganesan,by carrying a stock taking established the facts of the project just before his taking over and also the payments.By this he had sent s strong warning that no further payment will be made with out overcoming the over payment.He had also briefed his subordinate staff about his interest.Though Shillong is a wonderful place and called "Bachelore's Paradise" Ganesan had no interest in moving around except playing games in Assam Regimentat Centre.
     We had seen the climate at Laitcorepeak.Wind and rain reduces the working  clear days and also man's efficiency goes down.So the project was already under extention of time.As the contractor was finding it difficult to produce the good standard of work as demanded by Ganesan,He started finding ways and means to put the blame on Ganesan.Unlike PWD,the MES has clear work procedure where in the Engineer in charge of the project is the authority on supervision of the work,and one can over rule only when he is incapable of supervision.If one over rules the engineer incharge,then the entire responsibility comes on the person who over rules him.since no one wants that burdon,without giving a solution every one started blaming Ganesan for slow progress.
   Ganesan gave in writing whether the authorities wants good work or speedy work,as the contractor is not capable of doing both.This had put every one in tight corner.When Ganesan rejects a material no senior officer was willing to over rule Ganesan and approve it.
The fish gets into deep water.slowly slowly all those who supported the contractor slipped away and  it was direct challenge between Ganesan and the contractor.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Fish.

The Fish.
    Ganesan started his work in earnest interest.He was Engineer in charge of a major project for HQ Eastern Air Command.Technical and administrative buildings were coming up in about 100 crore project out of which about 60 peccent works completed.The wokk site was at Laitkore Peak the highest place in Shillong.It was strange weather at Laitkore peak.Wind used to blow like a cyclone and rain heavily when Shillong was geting bright sun light.Incidently Chirapunji, the world's heaviest rainfall geting place was only about 60 km from there.The working condition was definetly very bad.Ganesan went through  the contract document thoroughly and under stood the terms and condition under which the work has to be completed.   Th contractor was paid 32 lakhs on running bills,totalling 18 times the last one being about 2 days before Ganesan joining.
   Ganesan called the contractor and requested for joint inspection and assessment of the works.Because in a running contract it is possible to make over payment which can be adjusted in subsquent bills.Payments are also permited for materials collected at sit which could have been shifted to other sites So Ganesan was right in calling for joint inspection and assessment.On completion of this it was found that the value of work executed was 28 lakhs only.In a running contract  of a major work making 2-3 lakhs over payment is not a serious mistake.But when the engineer is new he can not accept the over payment made during the previous incumbent.So he told the cotractor that the next payment will be made only after overcoming the present over payment.
     Perhaps the Fish which was trying to get into water.

The Fish out of Water.

The Fish out of Water.
   Ganesan who was an active member of all Army activities and was enjoying the respect from all ranks was shocked to receive a posting order to a semi military organisation called Military Engineering Services.It is not only Semi military but the worst part is a construction unit .Readers will remember that Ganesan litraly ran away from PWD of Tamilnadu and luckily selected to the Army.But the destiny appears to be keen to test him further.The training  which Ganesan attended at Roorkee university seems to be the reason for this posting.Ganesan stood first in that course and the report had reached Army head quarters and immediately they had issued posting to works side.4 Engineer Regiment took up the case to cancel the posting  but they could not succeed.So on 28 March1968 Ganesan left 4 E R.
   Ganesan had spent about2 years at Changsari,the location of 44 Fd Pk.During this time number of his Regiment officers had visited Shillong,the hill station of Assam and also called "Paradise of Bachelors".Ganesan tried to join his friends once or twice but could not go.To his great surprise Ganesan was now posted as Assistant Garrison Enginer,Under chief Engineer Shillong Zone,to be located at Shillong
Shillong is about 85 KM from Gauhati(Rail Head and is an out Agency).Assam state capital was shillong before bifurcation of Mehalaya state out of Assam. So Ganesan landed at Shillong on 29 March 1968.
The fish was out of water or in deep water.....
   let us see.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Captain

The Captain.
  The ranks of 2lieutinent and lieutinent are addressed as Mr only in the Army.The first rank to be honoured is captain.Ganesan was very happy about the developments that had taken place and thanked every one.It was 15 Aug 1966.Though he was officially captain since02 Jul and shown as Adjutant 4 Engineer Regiment on paper,he never sat in that chair and continued to be in 44Fd Pk only.He captained 23 Mtn Div Athletic team(Div troops) and took part in pole vault and tripple jump.Sports and games became very important constituent in his daily routine.He wanted to be associated in all troops games and at the same time played officers games like Badminton,squash etc.Running a few KM daily  with or with out troops  was normal for him.
 He has thoroughly understood the soldier's psychology  as he was mostly with them and  at the same time kept the distance.He was friendly but not familiar with them.He went  out of the way to help in training and also solve their personal problems.In their recreation hall he put up a poster like this"Even though we are soldiers and willing to sacrifice our life for the  Safety,Honour and Integrity of this country, we too have got a family consisting of parents, brother sisters wife and children.They pray for our well being and egarly awaits for our return home.Spend your leave happily with them and return to unit with satisfaction.write letters regularly to them".Below this poster  free forces letters and a pen was kept. A few days after this a Havildar came to see Ganesan in his room.Ganesan thought it could be some office matter.The Havildar after entering his room stood silently for some time and Ganesan noticed that tears were rolling down from his eyes and slowly he started crying loudly.Ganesan consoled him and asked him what is the matter.
Havildar said that he had gone on  2 months annual leave and returned recently.During the leave he had some family problems and fought with his wife.He returned in that mood only and decided not to write his wife.But when he saw the poster in the recreation room he changed his mind and wrote his wife .He got a reply from his wife deeply regereting  for the events during his leave and  expressed unlimited love to  him.So he wanted to thank Capt Ganesan.Ganesan sent him with little more advice.
When ganesan was enjoying his Army life he got a shocking news that he has been posted out of Army to a non military unit.Ganesan felt like a fish out of water.
Let us  meet the FISH.......

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4 Engineer Regiment

4 Engineer Regiment.
The Army units follows strict rules and regulations.In addition to Indian penal code which law is applicable to every citizen of India,Army personnel are also subjected to Army laws and code of conduct.Further the Army units take pride in setting up their own traditions.Though the Regiment is newly formed the constituent units are very old and have deep pride in maintaining their own identity.So it was taking time to function as a monolithic body.The commanding officer of the Engineer Regiment have to handle the the re organisation process very tactfully.
   On re organisation the number of Caption vacancies increased and all of a sudden most of the Lieutinents became captains.Ganesan's company commander was out of station and so Ganesan though approved for captain was not putting on the rank awaiting for his company commander.There was a fomal get together function where all officers were present.Lt col M K.Basu,the CO,all of a sudden  said,"Look,Suresh,(Suresh Nath Endley,company commander,32 Fd Coy),this fellow Ganesan is improprly dressed."Ganesan was shocked and was looking at himself what was wrong.Col.Basu continued,"Even though his captaincy has been approved about a month before,he is not puting on captain's rank.Maj Endlay replied,"We will punish him now itself sir".In the mean time capt Venkatraman,2i/c 56 Fd Coy ran and brought captain's appallet(cotton cloth shoulder cover having 3 stars).Maj Suresh Endley called "Ganesh come here"
  Ganesan was totally lost as to what was happening.Like walking in the dream,Ganesan went ahead  and stood infront of Lt col Basu.Basu and Endley on either side changed the shoulder rank from Lt to Capt and congratulated Ganesan.
  Let us meet captain Ganesan.......