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The Command-1

The Command-1
The Command of troops in war and peace is very sacred duty in a military officer career.It cannot be compared with any type of jobs.How ever the end result of a command appointment is the feeling which your concience will give and not the award or reward which comes from spectators.Thousands of men's life and their future will be at your disposal.Utlisation of their will and skill for the safety honour and integrety of this country will be at your hand.Many commanding officers sold their Regiments,destroyed the future of few officers and men just to satisfy their ego or someone else ego.Many commanding officers functioned in such a way that the command appointment is a launching pad of their future irrespective of their capabilities.It all depends upon individuals.
As we all know Ganesan was not brought up to be an Army officer.He grew up to be a self motivated individual and highly patriotic.He remembers the story of Raja deisingh and Mohammed Khan in the battle with Arcot Nawab;Another story is like this; An young man goes for soldier's recruitment as the country was facing enemy threat.His young wife feels proud that her husband is going to fight for their country and bids him best of luck. after a day or two the man comes back with drooping head.His wife who was waiting with Arthi asks him what happened.The man says that he was absolutely fit to join and cleared from all tests.But he was asked one last question and that reply disqualified him.His wife was looking at him and asked him what was that question.
  The last question was.ARE  YOU MARRIED.He said yes and the examiners said that a married man cannot give whole heart and soul for the country as he would be thinking of his wife and children and hence rejected.
   On hearing this the more patriotic girl who was standing facing the man suddenly pulled the sword hanging in the waist of the man and killed herself and said,Now you go and tell them that you dont have wife and can give everything for the country
  well! That was the bringing of Ganesan.lET US SEE HIS COMMAND.

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The Promotion-3

The Promotion-3
  Ganesan was stunned to see the change of events.All over Delhi looting,murder and killing of sikh community people were let loose and there appears to be no law and order.But the Army can't keep watching and with in 3-4 days the situation came under control.The Army had arranged a special courrier flight AN-12 to Assam on 06 Nov.By that time the present CO 4 E R came to Delhi with 2 escorts as he was to attend a special course.He had handed over the Regiment to the 2nd in command.Since the train journey was totally disturbed he advised Ganesan to take the courrier flight and take back the escorts also.
So Ganesan made arrangements accordingly and left Delhi on 06 Nov and reached Gauhati in the evening.A team of reception party under the Sub.Major had come to the Air port to receive their new Commanding Officer.
On 07 November 1984 Ganesan took ove as the 9 th Commanding  Officerof 4 Engineer Regiment
  .The Regiment was at Tawang in an exercise and ofcourse all the places and activities are not new to Ganesan and took over like a fish jumping into deep water.
   Let Ous see the activities of the new Commandine Officer of 4E R.

The Promotion

The Promotion-2
Ganesan had already put on the rank of Lt.Col on 09th May1984 and was serving as SO-1 under Chief Engineer Delhi zone.Now He has to move  out.To earn a report one has to serve minimum 90 days.Here in Delhi because of his 2 months annual leave and leave of the initiating officer he was not eligible for a report.Hence a non initiation report was to be initiated.Ganesan's farewell was arranged as a simple Tea party on 31 October 1984 at about 0930 hrs.All were waiting for the Chief Engineer to arrive.At that time PA to CE camerunning with the news that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot by her body guard and probably she is dead.There was confusion and people were running here and there.Ganesan thought that this will creat lot of delay in his move and hence got the releaving order with out any Tea pary.The news  tha t indira Gandhi was shot by a sikh body guard build the anger agains all sikh community and hundreds of sikh irrespective of their status wre brutaly murdered.Ganesan's administrative officer Satnam singh was poured kerosin and burnt alive. Ganesan was stunned to see the change of events.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Promotion

The Promotion.
Promotion to the rank of Lt.Col is the first selection grade and here after all promotions will be on selection only.Ganesan was denied posting to his Regiment and also not favoured for retention in Madras.He had no money to proceed with the construction.So he exhausted  everything and reported to Chief engineer Delhi zone and assumed appointment as Senior Officer-Grade-1 (S O-1) 0N O9th May 1984.This move helped Ganesan in speeding up the HDFC loan and an amount of 50,000 sactioned.Ganesan took his Annual leave and came back to Chennai.He completed his house up to roof level and returned.
The command of engineer Regiment is very prestigious appointment as mentioned earlier.But many officers took this as a green card for their rise to Chief of Army staff and literally sold the Regiment.Because of this nature ill treating of subordinates also was taking place.Over all there was disturbance in the Regiments and Army HQ ordered a team to go into details and suggest ways and means to improve the command.Earlier the postings to command was simply based on the profile of the officer with added advantage of staff college qualifications.This led to unknown officers taking over command and trying to be super figure by harassing his team and ultimately failure in command.So the fact finding team recommended that first preference to take command should be given to those officers who had served with them and approved for promotion irrespective of their profile.AHQ ordered to post such officers immedietely if they had been denied based on the old policy.
  4E R had three officers on promotion pannel out of which Ganesan and an officer senior to him was approved.Since the present CO 4 E R had not completed his tennure the officer senior to Ganesan was given the option whether he will wait to take over 4 E R or accept some other Regiment.Waiting after approval is risk taking as one may get medically dis qualified or change of policy.So he opted for other Regiment and moved.Ganesan had been denied command as pr old policy and already moved to Delhi.
Under such circumstances Ganesan was over night tobe shifted.At the same time the co 4 E R was detailed on a special mission and was asked to move immedietely.Viewers can see the rhe Cosmic game as demonstrated.
  The cosmi force fired the last bullet,and ganesan was posted as  commanding officer 4 Engineer  Regiment.The Regiment which was formed on 02 june 1966 ultimately got a commanding officer who was part of the formation team.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Madras Posting

The Madras Posting
Gnnesan reported  to CWE ,Chennaiin March 1983.Commander Works Engineers(CWE)Chennai is authorised one DCWE and he was there.About 6 months before a civilian officer was attached to CWE,Chennai for some purpose.But since there was no vacancy the officer could not draw his pay.So special sanction was given to CWE Chennai for 2 DCWEs.After the officer finished his work he had gone back to his parent unit.But the sanction given was not withdrawn.Ganesan was posted in that vacancy.So he had literaly no work.He started concentrating on his house construction.His house site was at he rented a house at Annanagarand planed the construction.The plot allotted to him by the Housing Board was 100ft by 943,HBlock,17th Main Road.Ganesan had Rs.30,000 in hand and withdrew Rs.50,000 from his provident fund.With that amount he had planed 1800sqft house.By the time he reached basement level all the money had been spent and nothing except his monthly salary.Can there be any  construction on the monthly salary of a Major.
  Ganesan and his wife and children daily go to the constuction and sit on the basement and started dreaming on how the building is going to come up.Every month after the salary is credited he will buy one load of bricks and few bags of cement and errect 4-5 feet of wall and wait for next month salary.But He never had any self pity and enjoyed life.Once there was heavy rain in Chennai and his construction site was totally under water.But still he went there with his children and started playing in the water and told his children that it was God sent Swimming pool.By Sep-Oct 1983 his promotion board was held and
  he was approved for promotion to the rank of Lt Col.Ganesan wanted to go back to his Regiment.But another officer was senior to him  and waiting for placement.More over Ganesan has not done staff college.Div Engineer Regiment CO is a prestegious appointment and hence it was denied to him.There was a vanancy of Lt.Col at chief Engineer Chennai Zone.But they wanted a works experienced officer. As there could be nothing Ganesan can do,he had applied fo HDFC Bank loan and was waiting.
In the mean time Ganesan was over night posted to Delhi in the same appointment as existed at chief engineer chennai zone.There appears to be a suspecion that Ganesan was trying for Madras posting and hence was relieved immedietly.
What can be done by Ganesan.......

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Command Report

The Command Report-6
It was almost 3 years after Ganesan came on poting and hence due for a transfer.At that time Tamilnadu Govt issued a circular that all those who were allotted plots under Tamilnadu Housing board scheme should build the house within 3 years failing which the allottment would be cancelled.Ganesan was having a plot at Annanagar but not built the house.He was afraid that the allottment may be cancelled.So he wrote a confidential letter to AHQ explaining the reasons whether he could be posted to Chennai.The commandant of CME was at AHQ at that time .so he immedietely posted Ganesan to Chennai as DCWE under CWE chennai.
At the same time 4 ER was ordered to move to Arunachalpradesh as 5 Mountain Div Engineers.The advance party to 5 Mtn Div was to move shortly.With out any consideration CO 4 ER appointed Ganesan as advance party commander and ordered him to move to Arunachalpradesh.Ganesan was with wife and children,so he asked for 10 days leave to dispose the family.But due to urgency this was denied and the family left for Chennai with an escort and Ganesan left for Aruachalpradesh.
Going as advance party commander is certainly a honour as he will represent the Regiment in the new location and will display the image of his Regiment.5 Mtn Div was guarding the chineese border at high altitude and lot of defence works were going on.Many places were not covered by road and one has to walk 2-3 days to reach the camp.Ganesan enjoyed this role and as he was physically very fit kept on moving from one point to other continuously.The outgoing Engineer Regiment was very happy so also the GOC of 5 Mtn Div.The main body of 4 ER came after three months.Meantime AHQ asked explanation of CO 4 ER as how an officer under orders of posting was sent as adv party commander.Ganesan came forward and gave explanation as he was associated with the Regiment for a long time,he voluntered to go as adv party commander.This had impressed the CO very much.
After the Regiment settled the CO relieved Ganesan to go on posting to Chennai.Before leaving he invited Ganesan for a special and personal dinner.At that time he said that with in a year he is likely to be posted out and in his opinion Ganesan will be most likely to take over on promotion.If that happens,Ganesan should put his first signature with this pen,telling ,he presented a pen to Ganesan.Ganesan thanked everyone and left Arunachalpradesh.
Ganesan was third senior officer at that time in the Regiment.Whose ever is approved for promotion will claim to be CO 4 E R.No one can say what will happen.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Command Report-5

The Command Report-5 
It does not happen everytime.But an officer who does not act based on the report placed on his table but finds out himself will certainly be appreciated.Ganesan sent the Jawan for 2 months leave fresh and forgot  about it.Years rolled.Ganesan was posted out and was at BAGALORE.The Regiment was located at Allahabad and they were celeberating 25th year of their raising.Ganesan was invited and attended all evening he was in civil dress walking casually in the unit.An NCO saluted hin.Ganesan smiled and asked him,even though 10-12 years passed after he left the unit how the NCO remenbers him.
The NCO said that an officer comes across thousnds of jawans and he may not remember all.But a jawan comes acroos God like officers rarely and how can he forget that Gaod.
Ganesan was surprised and requested him to explain.He said that he was the same whome Ganesan helped in restoring his land in Andrapradesh and he has kept Ganesan's photo in puja room and hence how he can forget him.Ganesan told him that he did the dyty of an officer only  and beyond that nothing.
Ganesan shook hand with the NCO and left.

The Command Report-4

The Command Report-4 
Officership in the Army is an oppurtunity to serve the country and those under your command.Some take it to please others and get elevated and ofcourse retire one day.When such oppurtunity mongers retire they are just kept on the road side,while the first said officers are held in high esteem by not only men in or out of uniform but also by public in general.
   Ganesan was going arround the working site accompanied by his subedar.A jawan came in attention and saluted Ganesan.Ganesan smiled and paid back the salute and proceeded.The subedar said that the jawan went on 2 months annual leave but returned with in 3-4 days.Ganesan looked at the subedar with a question mark.why?The subedar explained that the jawans hail from poor families and at home they dont even get full three meals and hence returning like that is not uncommon.Ganesan did not accept that and ordered to bring the jawan for his interview.
During the the interview,the jawan hesitatingly told that there was some problem at home.Ganesan explained that the officership does not end with unit only but extends beyond that and hence he will help the jawan if he tells all in detail.The jawan told that there was some altercations at home with his neighbour and that he being in Andra police locked up jawans brother and jawan came back running for safety.Ganesan smiled and looked at the subedar.This is what generally happens.If he kept quiet on subedar's explanation the Jawan's morale will be in his feet and this will indirectly offect his performance.
  Ganesan consoled the jawan and immedietly ordered a fact finding  team including the jawan.The taem will go to jawans village and get all details including name and address of collector and supdt of police of   that area,with out interfering in the problem.The team returned with in few days.What the jawan said earlier  was true and his brother was still in the lockup.
Ganesan drafted a strong and highly sentimental letter explaining the role of Army and the help they require from civil servants in protecting the safety ,honour and integrity of this Nation.He humbly requested the collector to interfere and help.The letter was posted and the jawan continued his work.After about a month reply came from the collector that the Jawans problem has been solved.
Ganesan ordered the same team iccluding the jawan to go to the village and check up.When they reached the village hundreds of public came and gave a roarin reception to the jawan and took him in a prcession to his house.
The collector had gone to their village,suspended the Andrapolice neighbour ordered restoration of water problems to the jawans land and corrected the revenue records.

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The Command Report.

The Command Report-3
Preparation for war is a cotinuous process.Every unit big or small practices their roll continuously and the ultimate real war will also be like an excercise.In ths way even Army commands conduct excercise.It will be very big roughly 50-60,000 troops taking part.Such excercise will require elaborate arrangements including demarcation of international border etc.When such excecise is ordered quite a few units will be taken off pposing forces and will be used for making arrangements for the imaginery war.
  During Ganesan'stennure there was one such great excercise coducted by western command.In that Ganesans sub unit was taken off from the opposing forces and was asked to prepare an imaginery international border between two forces Red and Blue.The works involves making a track for about 5 Km,constructing 3-4 bridges including a very big 300m bridge acroos River Beas.Even though the water will be flowing 80-100 m wide the sandy bed will stretch 300m.The enemy forces who is cotrolling the Headworks on upstream side will flood the river if required.
   Taking all these into cosideration Ganesan moved his sub unit 2 months before start of the war(?) to the imaginery border.All Engineering machineries and all Bridging equipments were dumped at Ganesan's disposal.A great work was executed as Ganesan had first hand war experience in 1965 and 1971.The road work was named as National Highway no.56 and all posters as it appeared in any highway was placed.The bridges were named in honour of the troops constucted as "Charlie Crossing"(C Platoon)" Brravo Bridge" (B Platoon) etc.The River Beas bridge was named "Falana Dimkhana"Bridge as almost all engineering bridging eqpmts were used the entire srtetch a number of boards were kept,"Balvinders Boys are here.Bash on Regardless.'"( The CO name was Balwinder singh.)
   The war started.Troops were moving up and down.Every time they enter the new road they will communicate as "we are now entering National Highway 56" We are now at "Falana Dimkhana Bridge" etc
 The Army Commander Lt.Gen K.S.Krishna Rao came arround and stood at the Beas Bridge site.He called the Chief Engineer and asked him who contructed the Bridge.Ganesan was introduced to Gen Rao.The General asked Ganesan what is the meaning of this.Sir as this Bridge cananot be named in any way is named as "Something like"Gen laughed and and ordered all officers(about 600)to cross the bridge while coming for summing up.He specially appreciated Ganesan's work and congratulated in open.

The Command Report.

The Command Report-2
There was bridging camp in the Reginent.The regiment was to move to Doraha a place near Ludhiana where Sirhind canal coming from Bhakranangal dam crosses National highway and camp there for three months.All ranks will practice various types of bridging activities and return.The CO will gothrough the camps and help the sub unit commanders to improve their performance.
 The sub units were preparing for the camp and loading their stores.Since the bridging stores are to be collected at the site only the sub units were loading  their administrative stores only and hence no great supervision was reqyired.But Ganesan wanted that even a routine work if it is to be done by him it has to be different and convey new meaning to others.So he gave direction about what all to be carried.
   Next day the Regiment moved to the camp site along the banks of Sirhind Canal and unloaded their stores and at the time took charge of Bridging stores as allotted to each sub unit.The day -1 of the camp started.Generally the first day there will be puja and safety instructions and lay out of Bridging stores so that D-2 will be active training.
Ganesan assembled his troops and first they hoisted their company flag followed by puja.Ganesan explained to his team that "Flag"represents the honour of the unit and all ranks should take care that it is respected.Followed by this they started their training.The Co came arround and saw Ganesans Training.He immedietly directed all officers  to assemble at Ganesan's site.With in few mts all officers came and stood little away.The Co went  and asked other officers,"Are you all not proud of your sub unit.?Where is your subunit flag? I hope that you have not come here for picnic.Look at Ganesan's site. flying as hTheir company flag is flying as high as  their morale.I dont have to say any more.Break off.
The CO left.Other officers had no option but to run back 100Km to old location and bring their flag.Ganesan returned for lunch and shared a glass of beer with others.But they bullied Ganesan for doing something different,than normal.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The command Report

The Command Report.
In Services life upto the rank of Major it is time scale(now upto colonel).The first selection is for Lt col and it comes after about 20 years of service.The worst part of this is,it is simply based on confidential reports.The confidential report is simply the wims and fancies of the reporting officer.So an officer who is due for promation will certainly go out of the way to please the reporting officer and get good report.
At this juncture Ganesan came to serve under an unknown officer.But he came fully loaded with knowledge and experience of service in Training Battalion and college of military engineering.He had no doubt that he was far superior to all those officers in the Regiment at that time.So with out any due caution he took charge as company commander and started his activities.Sports,Training,Entertainment,Welfare and Family care, in every field he had set new dimention which was not heard in the past.
T here was inter company football championship.Ganesan was playing centre forward for his company.The first match was with last year champions.Everyone thought the champions will certaily take lead.Ganesan was in midfield terrorising the opponents and driving his team.They scored the first goal and people thought it was a fluke.They scored the second goal and people started looking up.Third,fourth,fifth,the crowed was wonder struck.Finally Ganesans team won 8-0 and sent a strong message that he has arrived to the entire Regiment.
More to follow......

College of Military Engineering-2

College of Military Engineering-2
  Whenever an officer is due for promotion and if he has to earn one or two reports,he trys to go under such commanders who are known to him already and with whom he had served earlier.Here Ganesan was posted to a prestigeous specialised Engineer Regiment itself shows that his reports sofar is good.But he could not join there.He requested AHQ tha he may be posted anywhere where vacancy exists,because he will certainly deliver goods of his expectation without compromising integrity and honour.
To his surprise he was posted to 4 Engineer Regiment and that too after pre maturely removing an officer from there to accomodate Ganesan.Ganesan had left the Regiment in 1975 after a rift with the then commanding officer.Presently an officer unknown to him was commanding.However it was like home coming for him.The stay at CME was a great oppurtunity offered to him by the cosmic force and he had well utilised it.During their stay at CME they were blessed with their second son Karthik.Karthik was born on 28July 1980.Ganesan was awarded best sports person in Basket ball.He was already holding honour in Swimming and Atheletics.So in ahappy mood Ganesans left CME and reported to 4 E R.
   This tennure of Ganesan will decide whether he is making it on selection or not.Let us see his conduct and perfomance in this "COMMAND ASSIGNMENT".

College of Military Engineering -2

College of Military Engineering-2
Ganesan had served about 3 years at CME.He was instructor in Field Engineering .This covers the entire role of corps Engineers of the Army except Bridging.This gave great oppurtunity to him to learn and then to demonstrate to the trainees.The role of Engineers in the Army is noted by a key word "FORWARD".F-fortification,O-obstacles,R-roads,W-water supply,A-air field,R-railways,D-demolition.Sice railways had introduced TA services ,this has been taken off from Engineers.Ganesan kept on refering to inter national Army magazines and discuss with senior officers before taking a class and this practice gave him good image
and better understanding to students.
Since he was playing all games his popularity  in the entire college increased and he was well known to staff and students.
Mine warfare and Explosives (Demolition)handling are two important subjects in which Ganesan became an expert and this gave an authoritative feeling in later part of his service.When he was due for promotion it was found that he had not been on Regimental service since 1975 and hence immedietly posted to a specialised Engineer Regiment.The commanding officer of that Regiment wrote to Ganesan requesting him not to join for three months for some administrative reasons.
But Ganesan was to move immediately to earn reports and then face promotion board.So he wrote to Army Head quarter to post him to some other Regiment.